Thursday, June 2, 2011


Beijing is a huge city of industrious people, canals shaded by willows, boulevards divided by quiet, shaded parks with benches, some extraordinary, eye-popping architecture, and some very mundane architecture.  It has shopping malls, Starbucks, millions of bicycles, KFC, articulated buses, and sometimes gridlock. We are staying on the 11th floor of a very nice hotel. We have just completed three full days of activities here and are totally exhausted. 
I have not been able to get much Internet access, so I am currently in the hotel lobby accessing it from there.  Though I can read and send email, the system is not letting me in to the Internet to access this blog directly; therefore, it is being sent to a 3rd party to post.  I am exhausted and distracted, so I will end this post and try to write more later.

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Juliana B2 said...

such a cool experience, keep sharing please